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I hope you find someone who will slowly lessen your loneliness until completely goes away. Someone who will not run away after seeing the rifts in your heart, but instead will go out of the way to save you. Someone who will come back to you when you scrape your knees on the ground, offer their hands for you to take, and guide you as you stand back up. I hope you find someone who will care about the troubles that are living inside your head. Someone who will understand why you overthink.
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I don't dream of you. I don't lay awake at night wishing you were next to me. And now, I know with my whole heart, I will find someone else. I hope you find someone better than the last person you loved. I hope that when you will be ready to enter in a relationship again, you will.
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I will finally feel that I belong to him and he will show me his love so many times. He will cherish me like I was the apple of his eye.

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Long ago when it used to take me more than three days to forget about someone. I used to do the same wrong practices people do when they get into a relationship but as I read a lot about psychology I discovered that forgetting about someone you love can take a maximum of 2 weeks if you did the right things after the breakup. While there are tens of things that prevent people from forgetting about someone they love still the most two important points are believing that he was the one and trying to get him back or having a little hope in restoring the relationship. Sorry to say so, but you were fooled by the media.
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