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I know in many ways I will probably understand it more than Doug does. I think that it was a blur of emotions and mistakes in his eyes that he would like to forget. But for me I have spent so much time trying to figure out what happened that I am able to see the emotional as well has the psychological side. I know that it would be healthier to just let it go, but I hope for my own peace of mind and maybe for anyone else dealing with an affair that it might be helpful. Doug, like many of your spouses, had a difficult time discussing the affair and providing details that I felt were important. And like many of you, I memorized each comment trying to find meaning and understanding. Many of his thoughts I was hearing for the first time which gave me valuable insight to the dynamics of his affair and how their relationship was not perfect by any means.
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The seven stages of emotional affairs illustrated below are written from a male point of view, based on my understanding from men who have. An emotional affair can grow or slip into a deeper and more intimate relationship that can harm or even end your marriage.
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Her husband was struggling with alcohol addiction, and they were raising a toddler.
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Emotional affairs are relationships where individuals seek emotional fulfillment with another individual other than the spouse. There is no sex involved in emotional affairs, which makes the people involved think they are not guilty of any wrongdoing. Even though no sex is involved, there is a fundamental breach of trust when a spouse starts being dishonest in a relationship, which can kill the relationship. An emotional affair starts as a nonthreatening friendship. A colleague at the workplace or an online friend, a partner for emotional affairs could be anyone. You start as friends discussing mutual interests.
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